November 2011 - Byron Salau

How to create a Tweet Sheet the correct way in iOS 5

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With the many new features introduced in iOS 5 I was particularly excited about the new Twitter.framework. Apple customers can now enjoy the pleasures of having their Twitter accounts baked right into the OS granting access to the twitter-verse from every nook and cranny in the device. While developers can now integrate twitter into their apps much faster and more easily than it has ever been before.

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How to convert a html hex string into UIColor with objective-c

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Typically you should be using RGB (Red, Green, Blue) UIColor’s. However, every now and then you will need to create one from a HEX string. Probably from an API you have to deal with. None the less there is an ubundance of different methods you can use converting hex strings into UIColor objects. This is the solution I swear by and never had a problem with it thus far.

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